The Stars Were My Playground

In a glimpse of what I saw,
Just in an hour I lived a thousand years,
I built up cities and expanded frontiers,
Every edge of the sword was discovered
And the light of the galaxy
Was under my control forever,
In one night I had seen a millennium pass
And all time was within my grasp,
Each movement of my fingers
Could move civilizations
And raise up planets to see the future,
Millions were born within a moment
And billions more were sent afar
To the stars far beyond Earth and Moon,
Inside a glass window I was surveyor,
Explorer, Adventurer, Conqueror, Emperor,
Builder of worlds, Destroyer of worlds,
I was the maker of new realities,
The lord of celestial domains,
For in those hours I was supreme commander,
I was the founder of alliances and unions
Within an almost endless expanse,
There was a thousand years of peace
And prosperity, culture was boundless,
Golden cities were built in the sky
And humanity reached towards the unknown,
In that time of emerald spires and diamond streets
There came a shadow that would demand tribute,
But I as emperor would not bend
For such meaningless threats,
That shadow that came from the unexplored
Began a chain of events that could not be broken,
I commanded the legions to leave Earth
Heading towards destruction or total victory,
A million man army took themselves to face the shadow
Inside mammoth bulks of steel propelled by ion fuel,
There among the dim glimmer of stars
Red and blue bolts of light were sent back and forth,
Thousands upon thousands of shining behemoths
Sailed through the darkness of space
Making combat in the silence of the frozen void,
Intense as the battle was I sat there calm
My fingers dealt with the terror,
And the shadows, those twisted space demons
Were sent to oblivion with all haste,
Terra was saved and I remained supreme regent,
I unleashed a firestorm of power
And was victor of everything interstellar,
For the shadows were all who opposed my reign
Every corner of the universe was now mine.