Sim City 4

The Sim City series is a very interesting game, you try and build a city to thrive and grow, yet you must have a steady flow of income from taxes to survive or your city will perish and you will loose the game, you must build a network of transportation systems and build up your public services so as to attract new residences to your city, the key to the games is grow and continue to grow or your city will fail. You must have a balance though too much industry and your city will be too dirty for anyone to come, but not enough industry and your city will not prosper. You must have a balance between all sectors of commerce so as to have a stable growth of your city. The best in the series in my opinion is Sim City 4, with it's expansion Rush Hour the game has a addicting gameplay and will suck you into the building of your city for weeks. The possibilities are endless and with all the modifications available more fantastic options are ready to come to life, in this city builder that will be making you want to run as a real mayor. If you haven't yet played this game do!