Gamer at Heart

I love to play games, I think I've played so much that it's a part of me, it's a fun thing to do when you can find a little time or you need to just relax and not think about stress. I've played thousands of games and have modded many time throughout my gaming life, this is a pretty big hobby of mine really, trying to figure out the best way to win a game, or trying to outsmart computer players. I really enjoy trying to beat games that seem impossible to win, especially strategy games where you can have multiple players against you and put them on the same team, I like a challenge. I can remember the very first game that really amazed me and that was the first Age of Empires, I was 8 years old when it came out and after playing it I was so enthralled by the realistic graphics, of course today that game is in the dark ages when it comes to graphics, but that game really made me like playing games and began my true journey as a gamer.

Grant-Grey Guda