A Window Into Real Infinity

Creating Great Monuments

When I was a child maybe ten
Or even a young unknowing eight,
I created great wonders taller
And more magnificent than any
That stand today and I spent
Many decades within a few seconds
Building these wonders of greatness!
In the blinking of an eye I made
The greatest Pyramid ever
Grander than anything ever conceived
Within any other mind and this
Was my thoughts as a child,
You can create these monuments
As well and be a great ruler,
A ruler not of flesh but of mind,
You can rebuild the Eiffel Tower
Just as I did in my youthful life,
You can build the very city of Paris
And change its design in your mind,
In your hands you can twist
The very foundations of every building!

Rome & Carthage

For that time of midnight lived
So crazed was I in battles many,
Thousands were under my command,
Even as a youth was I general,
Nations were shattered to pieces
And civilizations did crumble,
Yes in my childhood I was a commander
And leader of many peoples,
You may not believe that this was
But I am telling the total truth,
I lived many lives and experienced
A short of war in my days of youth,
I was Julies Caesar the first Emperor
Of all Rome and led legions to triumph,
The armies of Hannibal fell to my power
And I burnt Carthage to the ground,
This is what happened in my childhood,
But I rebuilt that burnt city
And created a greater place of power,
I was never stabbed in the back
Like the real Julies Caesar for I knew
Of the plans that were being made
And I destroyed those traitors that opposed
For I was emperor and supreme ruler,
But those years I spent in a few hours
Were gone and I went to another life,
I put myself in the role of General Hannibal,
Yes I lived the life of the man I killed
As the first emperor Caesar, ruler of Rome
And as Hannibal I took my soldiers,
Tens of thousands of spear man and archers
And hundreds of great hulking elephants
Adorned in iron plates ready for battle
Across the snow covered Alps in the hope
Of complete and total victory over Rome,
I planned my moves very well and thought
Of the best possible way to win every
Battle that may come to me and my warriors,
I planned to strike Rome itself
And try to break through the legions
That tried to block my way to that capitol
Of the Roman Republic and her riches,
I positioned my forces in perfection
And destroyed every Roman Legion
That was baring my way into that place,

I know that this is not what history
And the books in school may tell you,
But this was a history within my life,
This was truth in a youth